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Title: Papa's Cheeseria
Developer: Flipline Studios
Mode: Single Player
Category: Cooking, Strategy
Platforms: Browser, Mobile

Build delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and pile on the fries at Papa's Cheeseria! Customers can choose from a wide variety of breads, cheeses, toppings, and sauces for their sandwiches, and you'll unlock more as you play! Create the gourmet grilled sandwiches, cook them on the grill, and serve them up with a heaping pile of fries. Unlock 40 brand-new unique Special Recipes, and choose one to serve as the Daily Special each day in the restaurant, which also earns you special rewards!


Papa's games are a series of games developed by Flipline Studios, as an independent game studio, they focus on themed flash games that covers cooking and platformer in the Papa Louie universe. Papa’s Cheeseria is their latest game released in June, 2015.



I love this game as well as Papa's Burgeria. I love the different food items a costumer can order in their smoothies. So creative! Each customer has a different look and it's really cool. My favorite part is the feeling you get when you've gone up a level and have earned a new food item for the smoothies. The mini games are fun too!


It's addicting and fun! It's not like other food games that feel completely rushed and stressful. You can play this somewhat on your own pace. This is an app for all ages! I have all the Papa's games, but this one is my favorite.


If you like time management games with a variety of characters this is the one to play. I appreciate the fact that the character you are playing as is customizable ... I tire of playing games where all the characters look identical. Its fun to try to keep ahead and keep everyone happy in your line. I hope more titles are released.


A classic Papa game with all the strategy, characters, and concoctions we've come to enjoy. I love that you can create your own worker and that decorations in the lobby add to your overall score. Get this game!


I love playing this game for hours on end, even down to the mini games. My favorite ones are guessing the customers order and trying to find them in the dark. I'm on level 40 with quite a few characters to unlock! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game! Absolute 5-stars for me. I wished they upgrade it and added a drive-thru. Then it would be epic!