• Papas Bakeria
  • Papas Cheeseria
  • Papas Donuteria
  • Papas Sushiria
  • Papas Burgeria

  • Papas Hot Doggeria
  • Papas Pancakeria
  • Papas Pastaria
  • Papas Taco Mia
  • Papas Wingeria

  • Papas Scooperia
  • Papas Cupcakeria
  • Papas Pizzeria
  • Papas Freezeria
  • coming soon

Welcome to PapasGames.Info Website: What you find here is the entire collection of Flipline Papa’s Games with Short Info and descriptions as well as actual games for you to play free. Papa’s Games have been around for 10+ years now, bringing you a fresh sequel (latest being Papa’s Scooperia) every year. The series have been growing more popular with each year and have won multiple awards on many occasions. All 14 games up to December 2018 currently present on this website and we’ll be updating the website as soon as the new games come out. Note that this website is only about cooking games and does not include Papa Louie Arcade series or the Flipline Puzzle games.  

Feel free to write an email to us at any time with all your questions and concerns and don’t be shy to participate in game discussions down in the comments field of each game. Submit your scores and you can even send us your recorded gameplay video and we’ll do our best to feature it on PapasGames.info website.  

The games are not sorted by the date or by the popularity, feel free to pick any of them to your liking or try them. As for our recommendations go, here's our favorite list: 1. Papa’s Cupcakeria; 2. Papa’s Donurteria; 3. Papa’s Freezeria. You cannot download games from this website but there is no need to download. Do not be afraid to lose your progress, while there is no option in game to “save game progress”, the progress will be saved automatically in your browser and anytime you wish to come back, you’ll be picking up exactly where you left off (unless you clear your browser data). Welcome one more time and enjoy your stay at PapasGames.Info website, good luck and have fun on your way becoming a number one Chief in the world.  

2019 Update. Hang in tight! We’re bringing more awesome Papa Louie’s Games including Papa Louie Arcade series as well as Flipline Puzzle games and all in less than a month. In the meanwhile, if you crave for some more, check out Papa’s Games website for entire Louie game collection.