Papas Burgeria

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Papa’s Burgeria – Burger Grilling and Building Game. An Award-Winning Sequel by Flipline Realeased in 2014. Grill Burgers, Add Toppings and Serve Sandwiches.


Papa’s Burgeria – Released in 2014. To best describe it, it’s a moderately popular episode from Papa’s Game series. No specific reason why it was never the super popular or the other way around. Simple fact is, it’s just another cooking game by Flipline, no more, no less. Don’t get me wrong, grilling and building burgers is just as fun as let’s say making Taco’s in Taco Mia episode, there’s nothing wrong about Burgeria, it just feels kind of shallow compared with most of Louie Restaurant games.  

Basically, all you do is grill and then build burgers in according stations. And serve burgers with drinks. That kind of obvious, isn’t it? There’s plenty of toppings and sauces in your inventory as well as tons more that you can unlock so if burgers is your thing, you certainly going to enjoy the game alot.

papas burgeria gamePapas Burgeria, 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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