Papas Cupcakeria

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Just like Freezeria, Papa’s Cupcakeria – is One of the Most Played Papa’s Games of All Times. Insane Amounts of Toppings and Ingredients, and Even More Unlockable Stuff.


Papa’s Cupcakeria is probably the most played games after Freezeria, and the reasons why it’s so incredibly popular lies in main subject of the game – cupcakes. What could be more appealing than decorating cupcakes, especially with all the colorful toppings and ingredients developers bought into this game. The game really is spectacular, sometimes you just forget about customers and experiment with all the delicious looking creams and ingredients to satisfy your curiosity. Small town Frostfield is where your bakery located. Tons of amazing stuff await you in the kitchen, not to mention over 100 new ingredients you unlock along the way. Ingredients and other stuff such as seasonal toppings. Whether you become a cupcake crafting master or not, you certainly going to enjoy the game very much.

papas cupcakeria gamePapas Cupcakeria, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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