Papas Donuteria

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Papa’s Donuteria – Increadibly Popular, Latest Generation Papa’s Game Episode in Which You Bake, Fill and Decorate Delicious and Fantastic Looking Donuts.


Papa’s Donuteria is one of a kind sequel, really. Actually, even if it was the worst of all Papa’s Games, You’d still love this game, well, because of donuts obviously, but the thing is, it’s far from the “worst”. Doonuteria is rapidly growing in “Most Played” charts and it won’t be long until it catches up with Freezeria and Cupcakeria games.  

The Donuteria restaurant is located in powder Point amusement park, which is where you learn how to and bake most beautiful and delicious donuts and serve to your customers. The process of baking is fun as ever; Pick a correct dough according to the current ticket, give it a donut shape, fry it and add fillings and icing. And to finish off, decorate the donuts with toppings. Naturally, there’s plenty of unlockable items in the game to make the Donuteria even more entertaining for you.

papas donuteria gamePapas Donuteria, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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