Papas Hot Doggeria

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Papa’s Hot Doggeria – Take Over a Stadium Griller and Grill Sausages and Hot Doggs. Add Condiments and Toppings and Serve Your Customers.


Papa’s Hot Doggeria is among the oldest episodes from papa’s game series. But that’s not to say it is any less than others. Besides, who doesn’t like cooking Hot Doggs and Sandwiches. This time though, cooking won’t be happening in your kitchen, instead you’ll be taking over a Stadium Griller “hot doggeria” located on a stadium.  

As the title implies, you grill sausages and hot doggs, add toppings and serve them to your customers along with popcorn and drinks. While this may sound easy, things will get hectic fast enough and you’ll be swarmed with orders. Not much to add about Hot Doggeria, you already know about the unlocking and award systems, so enjoy the game, good luck and have fun.

papas hot doggeria gamePapas Hot Doggeria, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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