Papas Pastaria

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Papa’s Pastaria – Pastaria in Portallini is a Special Place for Papa Louie himself. Take Over the Restaurant and Laern How to Cook the Best Noodles and Italian Pasta.


Papa’s Pastaria is going to be especially appealing to Italian audience, not just because of “pasta” but because of the delicate approach to entire culture of pasta and macaroni. But the game is not just about Italian pasta. While Papa’s Pastaria is a special place for Louie himself, and it pays more attention to Italian pasta, when taking over Portallini restaurant you are going to be taking orders for noodles, as well as pasta, adding toppings and sauces, varieties of cheese and toast breads. 

Opening a dining room in Portallini restaurant is going to be fun and exhausting task. You’ll have to work hard, to earn tips, unlock plenty of items and win many prizes in Foodini MGs. You can even hire a helper to get you through the craziest days.

papas pastaria gamePapas Pastaria, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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