Papas Pizzeria

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Papa’s Pizzeria – The Oldest Game from the Series. The Very First Flipline Cooking Game in Which You Bake and Decorate Pizza of all Shapes and Sizes.


Papa’s Pizzeria is the first game from the series by Flipline Studios. It’s old and it kind of looks old but let’s not forget that Pizzeria and its popularity was the inspiration that made Flipline create rest of the game series. So do not be hesitant to play Papa’s Pizzeria just because it’s old, it is just as good and entertaining as other games, if you’re willing to overlook the less detailed graphics that is.  

Speaking of “less details” it’s not just graphics really, to be absolutely honest, there’s some details in PIzzeria that will catch your attention instantly, like when you are arranging toppings on the Pizza, some aspects may look like unfinished but those are minor details. If you’re a true Papa’s Games fan, trivial details such as this, won’t stop you.

papas pizzeria gamePapas Pizzeria, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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