Papas Sushiria

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Papa’s Sushiria – itadakimasu! Learn how to Become a Real Sushi Chief! It’s More than Just Cooking Rice and Adding Fish in it. Also, Check Out New Clothing System Introduced in Sushiria Game


Papa’s Sushiria – 2017 Game that is about making sushi in a restaurant located in Sakura Bay. Learn how to make real Japanese sushi out of given ingredients and unlock 140 more ingredients for all sorts of combos. As one of the newest games from the series, Sushiria has a lot more to offer than you’ve previously seen in other papa’s games. Like for example, new clothing system allows you to get creative with outfits for your workers. 

The best part of the game is actually the cooking and sushi making process. As you probably already heard before, making sushi is a very delicate process and only the few selected chiefs have mastered this process completely.  

papas sushiria gamePapas Sushiria, 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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